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Friday, 2014. July 11.
11:00 - Meghívó Szűcs Viktória PhD értekezésének nyilvános vitájára
A B.C.E. Tájépítészeti és Tájökológiai Doktori Iskolája meghívja Önt Szűcs Viktória "Az élelmiszeripari adalékanyagok fogyasztói kockázat-észlelése" című PhD értekezésének 2014.júl...
Thursday, 2014. July 17.
10:00 - Meghívó okleválátadó ünnepi kari tanácsülésre
A Kertészettudományi Kar 2014. július 17-én 10.00 órai kezdettel tartja oklevélátadó ünnepi tanácsülését a Fővám téren.

Incoming students


You can become an exchange student at Corvinus under the following conditions:

  • Your home institution (or home country) should be a partner of the Corvinus University (or Hungary - see our list of partner institutions) and
  • You should be selected by your home university (or the state scholarship board) to become an exchange student at the Corvinus University.

Therefore, it is crucial that you should first contact the International Office or the responsible Exchange Program Coordinator of your home university.

Students who are supported by different international institutions or funds, they can also get the status of an exchange student, if they have a Letter of Acceptance from the University.

Language requirement

The Corvinus University considers it very important that the good standard of teaching and learning should not be hindered by language problems. Therefore, you are strongly advised to apply to study at the Corvinus University only if your command of the language of instruction is unquestionably enough for university studies. According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, we require an English Language Certificate (min. B2-level or equivalent) from all, non-English natives. The university reserves the right to reject students who do not have the appropriate language skills – even during their study period.

Last modified: 2013.11.05.