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Corvinus University of Budapest Innovation Centre Public Benefit Ltd.


Due to a rapid development in science and technology and an increasingly diverse system of research and project grants, a seperate office for innovation activities was developed within the university. Hungary’s EU accession and new opportunities created by structural changes at the university also affected this neccessary addition.

The Innovation Centre Public Benefit Ltd’s predecessor was established in 2006 to serve two aims: first, to contribute to the successful participation in research and project funding through information, administrative and technical advice; second, to actively participate in the management of technology transfer at the university.

Objectives of the Company

Today, our main objective is to increase effectiveness and utilization of research results in business and education. We actively assist in broadening the scope of research activities and in the utilization of research and intellectual property. We thereby increase effectiveness and add value to the university’s mission.

Further objectives of the Innovation Centre include:

  • fostering participation in international research activities
  • implementation of international projects in the field of innovation and
  • management of research for foreign companies in Hungary.

Activities of the Company

We strive to involve a broad range of partners and consider it essential to apply an interdisciplinary approach to our work. We pay particular attention to the professional and financial support of “spin-off” and “start-up” companies.

The most important elements of our work are scoping, applying for and managing funds. Our activities include the following:

  • constant monitoring of funding opportunities
  • advisory services
  • preparation and management of funding application
  • sidentifying and liaising with partners from within and outside Corvinus University

Special emphasis is placed on participation in the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). We provide information on our website on innovation-related call for proposals, news and events. We regularly update the university public through our newsletters.

We are also active in the field of technology transfer, mapping inventions and innovations and promoting their implementation. We assist in the creation of business-to-business partnerships and provide professional advice on patent licensing.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.