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The Innovation Centre’s primary goal is to operate an intellectual centre that facilitates the broadening of research activities and the financial utilization of intellectual products based on the Corvinus University’s knowledge pool. Management and support activities in the field of innovation have to adapt to the diverse range of work done at the seven faculties, various chairs, research institutes and groups, as well as the work of individual researchers.

Further information on research topics is available on the faculties’ websites: LINK.

Contact details of the university’s research institutes can be found here.

Corvinus Science Project

The interdisciplinary research project “Corvinus Science”, demonstrates the university’s integrity by stretching out to all faculties and the following five topics:

  • Meeting the conditions for sustainable development
  • Improving the business sector’s competitiveness
  • Innovation in agriculture and the food industry
  • The power of the domestic knowledge base and its role in economic restructuring
  • The reinterpretation of the modern state’s role

You can find more details on Corvinus Science projects here.


The CUB Innovation Centre Public Benefit Ltd is continuously monitoring the academic work at the University, as its task is to generate research and project ideas and to provide and strengthen the financial base for research from funding programmes. Please click here to find more information on implemented and currently running projects.

The Innovation Centre supports publication and discourse on research results through the organization of conferences and workshops, as well as publishing. It also contributes to the to educational development, for example through modernization of curricula and content development. In the field of dissemination activities, we would like to highlight the publication of the Journal “Köz-Gazdaság” (Economics) and the financial coordination and implementation of the television series “Életcélok-Hitvallások” (Life goals and beliefs).

Furthermore, the Innovation Centre actively participates in large, comprehensive projects developing and improving the university’s capacities as a service-provider to students and as an academic institution.

The division of work between the Corvinus University and the Innovation Centre in general provides for the Innovation Centre to prepare and implement projects in cooperation with other companies, institutions and organizations according to a set division of tasks. For its own projects, the Innovation Centre cooperates with subcontractors from inside or outside the university. On other occasions, its own staff assists in the implementation of bigger projects. The Innovation Centre can participate as a partner in technology transfer or be responsible for complex project management. Such activities range from preparing feasibility studies and continuous coordination activities to financial management and drafting of interim and final reports. Monitoring funding opportunities, preparing complex grant applications, implementing and monitoring projects are particularly prioritized activities of the Innovation Centre.

Research projects

The CUB Innovation Centre mostly realizes commercial utilization of research results through cooperation with companies from the private sector. In this regard, coordination of the activities of companies, subcontractors and university entities, facilitation of the use of public funding and target-oriented use of the “innovation contribution” are very significant.

The long list of our partners in the private sector contains companies from production and the service sector, multinational companies, as well as SMEs. A substantial part of our work is for companies from the following sectors: trade, food industry, IT and telecommunications.

The Innovation Centre’s role in the implementation of research projects stretches out to finding the right partners, subcontractors and other participants, project management and the conclusion of contracts. During project implementation, the Centre also offers advisory and project management services to the organization that is the target of innovation transfer.

1. Transfer activities directly related to product development

A list of a few selected projects where we assisted in the implementation:

  • utilization of dairy by-products
  • development of a gluten-free frozen semi-finished product line
  • solving microbiological problems in the production of frozen foods
  • development of a new family of pasta
  • creating analytical methods suitable for testing of poliphonic components

2. Agricultural and food product sample tests are regularly occuring tasks

Clients include major food trading companies, and small businesses too. The test-among others- include for example the pesticide concentration testing in fruit and vegetable, microbiological laboratory testing for bakery and confectionary products, etc.

3. The Centre conducts technology transfer activities in a very wide range of topics

Amongst others, we have coordinated projects in the following areas:

  • ongoing analysis of Hungarian food and household chemical products markets
  • analysis of the socio-economic conditions of the transition to digital broadcasting
  • the electricity market’s analysis in the light of the small consumers segment.
  • environmental protection management of effluent water originating from the poultry industry technology
  • development of dog and cat food manufacturing technologies
  • changes in the composition of milk depending on the feeding
  • content management solutions for IPTV
  • development of measurement methods for the inspection of store hygiene, etc..

Last modified: 2018.11.30.