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The University

The CORVINUS University of Budapest (CUB) is situated in the heart of Europe providing Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes for more than 17 000 students. Each of the seven faculties of the University represents one of seven disciplines and plays a predominant role in the Hungarian and the Central European higher education. Nine accredited doctoral schools conduct PhD training at the university.

Trainings date back to 150 years in horticulture, 80 years in economics and business and 30 years in public administration. Our institution has a wide network of international relations. Many of our professors lecture and teach abroad for various periods of time and, similarly, many professors and students arrive to Budapest to teach or study.

The CUB considers international value creation and intermediation its mission. It considers lecturers, students and researchers its most important value creators. The university supports their active participation in Hungarian and international professional life with all means available.
The common research and innovation objectives of the CUB serves the creation of a  more liveable world of a better future.
The University wishes to strengthen its international presence by using cooperation opportunities in teaching and research partnerships and hosting international conferences.
According to our expectations the conference in November will serve all of these goals of the university.

Our international presence is proven by two memberships granted to CUB:

  • CEMS is a strategic alliance of leading business schools, one member in each country
  • PIM is a consortium of the leading international business schools.

Last modified: 2012.09.11.