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Dr. Csaba Csaki                                                 

Professor Emeritus

E-mail: csaba.csaki(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

Phone: +36-1-482-5317

Room: 228, Main Building, 2nd Floor

Research topics

International agricultural policy, rural development, competitiveness in agriculture

Current research

TAMOP-4.2.1.: Innovation and networks in the food industry

Curriculum Vitae

List of Publications

Selected Publications

1. Csaba Csaki (2003): Reaching the Rural Poor, World Bank Strategy Paper. The World Bank, Washington, DC
2. Lerman, Z., Csaki, Cs. and Feder, G. (2002): Land policies and evolving farm structures in transition countries, Policy Research Working Paper Series 2794, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.
3. Csaba Csaki and Zvi Lerman (1997): Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in East Central Europe and the CIS in the 1990s. Expectations and Achievements After the First Five Years. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 24(3/4): 428-452
4. Csaba Csaki, Csaba Forgacs, Dominika Milczarek-Adrewjewska and Jerzy Wilkin (eds.) (2008): Restructuring market relations in food and agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe: Impacts upon small farmers. Regional Outcome: Central and Eastern Europe. Agroinform, Budapest, 322 pages
5. Csaba Csaki and Csaba Forgacs (eds.) (2008): Agricultural Economics and Transition: What was expected, what we observed, the lessons learned. Proceedings of Joint IAAE-EAAE Seminar
6. Csaba Csaki and Attila Jambor (2009): The Diversity of Effects of EU Membership on Agriculture in New Member States. FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, Policy Studies on Rural Transition, No. 2009-4, October 2009
7. Csaba Csaki and Attila Jambor (2010): Five Years of Accession: Impacts on Agriculture in the NMS. EuroChoices, 9(2), pp.10-17
8. Csaba Csaki (2000): A világkereskedelmi tárgyalások újabb fordulója és a Magyar mezőgazdaság (The Latest Round of International Trade Talks and the Hungarian Agriculture). Közgazdasági Szemle, 47 (5)
9. Csaba Csáki and Csaba Forgács (2008): Smallholders and Changing Markets: Observations on Regional Level. Society and Economy. Volume 30. No. 1.  pp. 5-28.
10. Csaba Csaki (2007): Changing Priorities in Global Agricultural Production. Development and Finance, 2007/1.

Teaching Topics

Agricultural Policy, International Agricultural Development

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