Welcome to the Corvinus Institute of Management!

Dr. Drótos GyörgyThe Corvinus Institute of Management is a major research and teaching department of the Corvinus Business School. Contiuning the legacy of the Department of Management and Organization, we have a history of more than four decades. We are very proud of our past professors and scholars who are known for their pioneer role in the management educaion in Hungary. We are also proud of our alumni: Several thousand master graduates who are responsible leaders of Hungarian organizations, or our excellent ambassadors internationally.

Now we are responsible for some of the largest study programs of Corvinus University of Budapest. Our faculty is collaborating with numerous international research partners. Our students as well as our colleagues won numerous domestic and international awards for their excellence. Beyond research and teaching, we are actively involved in business and non-profit engagements. 

The Institute of Management consists of four departments based on the four functions of management: Strategic Management, Management and Organization, Organizational Behavior, Management Control. Parallelly, six research centers serves as a basis of our research activities. Still, the Institute of Management works as a coherent community that shares our common values like openness and curiousity, theoretical rigor, & critical thinking. We offer partnership to all of our internal and external stakeholders, including our students. The Institute of Management strives to continuously address the contemporary business and management issues and seeks for leadership ideas that serve the students, the employers, the science, and the society simultaneously.

Prof. Dr. György Drótos, director