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The Institute of Business Economics at Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) has been researching the competitiveness of Hungarian businesses since 1995 together with the colleagues at the Institute of Marketing and Media and at the Institute of Management. Building on the prior research results, the Competitiveness Research Center was founded in 1999 to organize and coordinate the researches in the topic of competitiveness. The director of the Center is Attila Chikán, D. Sc., Professor at CUB.   

The mission of the Competitiveness Research Center is to become an internationally acknowledged center of researches on microeconomic competitiveness, with special emphasis on the Hungarian business sphere. The Center cooperates with local and international experts on competitiveness and is in relationship with the business and governmental sphere.

The prior research results were published in an English and in two Hungarian volumes at the Akadémiai Kiadó (Academic Press). Apart form that numerous articles, PhD dissertations and working papers were written related to competitiveness both in Hungarian and in English.

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