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Deliberative Poll in Kaposvár area

A volume on the Kaposvár deliberative research experiences has been published: Front Page, Contents, Introduction


Target population:

Inhabitants of Kaposvár and its region

Deliberative weekend:

June 21-22, 2008

Representative sample for target population:


Sample for deliberation:


Duration of deliberation:

1.5 days

Location of deliberation:

Kaposvár (Kaposvár University)

Research Team

Project leader: György Lengyel
Edina Dóci
Borbála Göncz
Krisztina Jáger
Bence Tordai
Lilla Tóth
Éva Vépy-Schlemmer
Lilla Vicsek
Financial coordination: Vera Fodor

This research was part of the IntUne (http://www.intune.it/) project which dealt with different aspects of European integration one of its objectives being to increase citizen’s participation, to mobilise public opinion. Thus, for this current project two participative research methods were used: Deliberative Poll and Citizens' Jury.

IntUne (IntUne - Integrated and United? A Quest for Citizenship in an Ever Closer Europe) is a four year project which started in September 2005. Coordinated by the University of Siena it involves 29 European Institutions and more than 100 scholars across Eastern and Western Europe.
Nowadays that the EU is facing several challenges, and that its legitimacy and democratic capacities are often questioned, it is important to address the issue of EU citizenship, whether it exists and how it is emerging.
The main objective of this research is to study the changes in the meaning of citizenship as an effect of the process of deepening and enlargement of the European Union. The project aims to analyse how processes of integration and decentralization are affecting the different aspects of citizenship: identity, representation, and the scope of governance.

Briefing material - Summary of the results

Flow of men, goods and ideas. Different approaches of social processes and adaptations of social scientific ideas in Central Eastern Europe

A conference organised by the Hungarian Sociological Association
Date: Nov 14-15, 2008
Location: Pannon University, Veszprém, Hungary
Session: Deliberative Methods in Local Society Research
More information - Abstracts - Program

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