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The Method of Citizens' Jury

The name of the citizens’ jury, stems from the fact that the technique is in line with the Anglo-Saxon practice of juries. It is based on the presupposition that 12-30 citizens are capable of developing a well-balanced  decision by getting informed on and hearing the pros and cons of a complex topic. Throughout the process the participants spend together a few days listening to a variety of viewpoints with their associated interests and values from different expert witnesses. Apart from getting informed, the citizens’ jury, similarly to the deliberative poll, also puts a special emphasis on the debate of arising questions and dilemmas, that is, stresses citizens’ deliberation. At the end of the process, the members of the citizens' jury develop recommendations which, in turn, are presented to decision-makers and the public. The civic discussion method is an adapted and improved version of citizens' jury

Civic discussion methods know-how .

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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