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Negative ties and Social Networks I Workshop| 2012.03.14.

2012. Április 19-20. Címe: Negative ties and Social Networks I Workshop

2012. Április 19-20.
Címe: Negative ties and Social Networks I Workshop
Helyszín: E3001 és E300

Negative Ties and Social Networks|Workshop    Támop-4.2/B-10/1-2010-0023
Preliminary Program
Wednesday morning: 
Library glass room  
 9.40-11.00 Master course by Patrick Doreian
11.00-11.20 Break
11.20-12.40 Master course by Patrick Doreian
Thursday morning: 
Library glass room
 9.40-11.00 Master course by Joe Labianca
11.00-11.20 Break
11.20-12.40 Master course by Joe Labianca
Thursday afternoon: 
Room 3001
13.00 Registration
13.45 Opening by the Vice-Rector
14.00 Keynote Patrick Doreian
University of Pittsburgh; University of Ljubljana
Modeling the dynamics of structural balance: Problems and prospects
   15.00 Parallel sessions: 2-2 presentations (slots of 30 minutes: 20 minutes plus discussion)
Room 3001  Room 3004
Structures of Terror  Preschool Children
Phillips, Brian J.
University of Pittsburgh and Centro de Investigación y
Docencia Económica (CIDE, Mexico)
Kirves, Laura
University of Helsinki
When Terrorists Attack Each Other: Unintended
Consequences of Adversarial Ties
Bullying in early educational settings
Bergemann, Patrick
Stanford University
Ingram, Gordon
University of Bath
Networks of Accusations During the Spanish
Tattling and Negative Ties in Preschool Settings:
A Social Network Analysis
16.00-17.00 Poster session
Kóczy Á., László; 
Nichifor, Alexandru
Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Center for Economic and Regional
Intellectual Influence: Quality versus Quantity
Ni, Xiaoyan  Columbia University  How Negative Ties Affect Organizational
Deviance: Ethnographic Findings at United
Kingdom National Pavilion (UKNP) during 2010
Shanghai World Expo
Roda, Renato  University of Turin  At the Roots of Hostility: A Longitudinal Study on
the Emergence of Negative Ties
Silins, Kristaps;
Eidukeviciute, Egle
Stockholm School of Economics in
Stockholm School of Economics in
Social Networks of Academic Success
Tóth, Szilvia;
Vicsek András
Maven 7
Maven 7
Why negative relationships matter and how can
they be detected?
Vida, Zsófia Viktória  Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest  Studies on the Intergenerational Relationships in
the Cooperations
Vörös, András  Oxford University  The role of negative ties in single- and cross-
network transitive closure of friendship and liking
Wienhold, Martin  Leibniz University Hanover  Dynamics of Close Relationships
17.00-19.00 Plenary session: 4 presentations
Room 3001  Room 3004
Bullying in Schools  Integration
Veenstra, René; Lindenberg, Siegwart;
Huitsing, Gijs; Sainio, Miia; Salmivalli, Christina
University of Groningen, ICS; University of Groningen, ICS; 
University of Groningen, ICS
1. Bruggeman, Jeroen; 2. Uitermark, Justus;
3.Traag, Vincent
1.University of Amsterdam, 3. Université catholique de
The Important Role of Teachers in Bullying
Interventions: The KiVa Program and Its Impact
on Antibullying Attitudes, Efficacy, and Actual
Efforts to Reduce Bullying
Power relations in discursive struggles: A
network analysis of the Dutch debate on minority
integration, 1990-2005
Pattiselanno, Kim 
University of Groningen 
Hertz-Lazarowitz, Rachel; Farah, Abeer; Faisal 
Azaiza, Reuven Lazarowitz, Tamar Zelniker; 
Haifa University, Haifa University, Haifa University, 
Hierarchical versus Egalitarian Cliques: The
Role of Status Distribution Within Adolescent
Peer Cliques in Aggression and Prosociality:
The TRAILS study
Segregated Social Networks: Predicting the
Negative Context of Organization Haifa

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